11433 Red Wing, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Recently, I got a call from Anita Matys of Action Realty in Klamath Falls, Oregon to do photography of a home in Keno, Oregon just outside of Klamath Falls.  “It’s a little 3 bedroom that needs my photography touch,” she said.

Keno is about 15 minutes outside of Klamath Falls and is full of nicer stick built homes on some acreage.  There are also a few manufactured homes that have been there a while and are showing their age. I was not sure just what I was heading out to photograph with a statement like Anita said. 

But when I get on site, I quickly saw that this is a great home and needed my expertise, not to make it look better than it is, but rather to showcase the home as the fantastic property it is.

This home is full of updated features including; kitchen, breakfast nook, master bathroom and guest bathroom.  The bedroom carpet is a little tired but that is an easy fix.

This home has some great potential for a small family. For more information on this property and others, contact Anita Matys at 541-884-3367 or anitamatys@actionrealty-klamath.net.

Until next time, stay focused.