2121 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, OR

A few years ago, the Klamath County Road Maintenance Department built and moved to a new facility near the Klamath Falls / Crater Lake Regional Airport.  After the move, the old maintenance yard was put up for sale.  I believe, for the last few years, the County has tried to liquidate the property themselves.  Now, the property is listed by Allison York of Windermere in Klamath Falls, and I was asked to do the photography of the facility. 

I have to say, this career of professional photography has led me to visiting and photographing some great locations, people and events.  Oddly enough for me, this was one of those locations.  35 Years I have traveled by this property, nearly every day, but never stepped foot on it. That is until last week.

But why would this place, of all places, be a great location?  I have photographed million dollar homes with endless views.  Several rare occurrences of the Northern Lights over Crater Lake National Park, political leaders and more.  What makes this maintenance yard so special?

Well, it has to do with my childhood.  I was raised around construction, specifically road construction. My father was the superintendent of (then) Jefferson State Rock Products (now, Knife River Corp.). He had his hands involved with countless road projects throughout the Basin. He worked closely with the guys from the state, county and private road contractors. 

I grew up learning how to drive and operate heavy machinery before I could drive a car.  I spent many of my afternoons after school at the yard he operated. Sadly, my father passed in 1994, and that life and I parted directions and went our separate ways. Nonetheless it left a profound impact on my life.

Fast forward 20+ years and I get to photograph the former County Road Maintenance yard.  It is not a glamourous property.  The buildings are old and in need of repair.  Frankly the value is most likely in the land and not the structures. But it brought back many memories from my childhood and made me happy. For that it is a great location.

This property has much potential for the area.  For more information on this listing or others, contact Allison York at 541-331-0060 or ayork@windermere.com.

Until next time, stay focused.