3100 Plum Hill, Klamath Falls, Oregon

Last week, I had the honor to photograph a home with arguably one of the best views of the southern Klamath Basin. Actually this was the second time I have photographed this home.  The first time was a couple years ago. (See Previous Photography). 

I am much more pleased with the photography this time around.

This home was fun and challenging at the same time.  It has large vaulted callings, colorful paint, and three pets that love attention. Because of the pets, I brought my wife along on this shoot just to help entertain the animals.  Thanks for your help Crystal.

The home posed a few challenges in regards to lighting. It is southwest inspired in it's design and styling. The home contains many unique colors and textures; bright reds/pinks, subdued greens, terracotta browns and more. Add in the open beam vaulted ceilings, abundant windows and reflective surfaces and this home would test even the best real estate photographers.  

As many of you know, I have a self imposed rule "to get the shot right in camera" and save time in post processing.  This means that I use more lights and lighting modifiers than the average real estate photographer. To properly light the kitchen and the great room, it took 6 of speedlights, 6 modifiers, and 7 wireless transceivers to get the shot. 

The exception to that rule is twilight.  When shooting twilight, I can photograph up to 40 individual images to create one final piece. Each individual image uses a speedlight to illuminate a piece of the home. In this case we used 25 different exposures to create the final image.

As I said, I am much more pleased with the photography this time around. It is great to see how my skills have changed and adapted over the years.  How I have been able to use new technology and produce better real estate photography.

For more information on this home contact Allison York of Windermere Real Estate in Klamath Falls at 541-331-0060 or ayork@windermere.com.

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Until next time, stay focused.