2117 Kimberly Drive, Klamath Falls, OR

Earlier this week I photographed a lovely home near the top of Moyina Heights in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  This is a really nice home with great updates and features.  I personally love the brick fireplace in the living room.

This home did not have many difficulties while shooting but did allow me to use a new tool, a platform ladder.  The exterior of this home sits above the street. 

Normally I photograph a home from street level, unless the home is above the street.  In this case I use one of two methods of capturing photos of the home.  The first is with my pole cam and the second is on a platform ladder.

A pole cam is actually just what it sounds like.  I use a 20-foot pole with an attachment on top to mount my camera and lens.   Attached to the camera is a remote operating system (CamRanger). This system allows me to operate the camera remotely without having to raise and lower the pole each time I need to make an adjustment.  This is a great system when the slope to the home is greater than 10 feet.

For shorter slopes, the platform ladder is perfect.  It allows me to climb up to a stable shelf where I can operate the camera as if I were standing on the ground.  This is a perfect solution when the slope up to the home is less than 10 feet.  

I am quite pleased to have both systems available for different properties.

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Until next time, stay focused.